How I was inspired to write Falling for the Best Man – 


With Falling for the Best Man, I created my heroine to be a lifestyle hacker. What’s a hacker you ask? I don’t know if this is the right term but basically it’s someone that creates items from something that wasn’t intended to be used that way.

My heroine, Kaylah, is very clever with these hacks and her job is working for a fictional company (Kmart in disguise) creating hacks using their products.

Last year, I saw a fab article about Brenda Trimboli, who turned two pink dresses she bought from Kmart in to a sensational outfit to wear for the Spring Racing carnival. And then I discovered my new favourite Facebook page – Kmart Mums Australia. I was blown away by the women posting and their clever hacks.

To all those fabulous women who shared their ideas and hacks, THANK YOU! I loved what you posted; copied some of them at home, and added many to my book.

PS – if someone from Kmart loves what Kaylah does and decides to create this job for real, can you please thank me with one of those beach buggy/trolleys? I can’t get one anywhere – LOL 🙂


How I was inspired to write Kissing him like she means it (previously titled Wanting Mr Right) – 

Kissing like she means it is the second book in the Kissing Down Under series and even though each book can be read as a standalone, I hope you’ll read and enjoy them all!

I never intended to write a series. When I wrote the wedding scene for Alex and Violet in Kissing under the Spotlight, I just couldn’t let Daisy go.

I’d fallen in love with her character and adored her outspoken nature and loud personality. She had to have her own book and so I wrote Kissing like she means it. And so I matched Daisy with Logan, who is career focussed and not interested in settling down.

Since I already knew and loved Daisy, it was a joy to write this book. The words just flowed!!

Daisy and I

How I was inspired to write Kissing under the Spotlight – 

When I first started writing romances my dream was to write for Mills and Boon. At the time they had a fantastic line called Sexy Sensation and I loved their books especially by Kelly Hunter and Julie Cohen.

But after years of writing and rejections, the line was changed and I had an epiphany….I should write the books I wanted to read and not try and fit them in to a publisher’s line.

I took leave from my corporate job, did some extra studying and wrote, and wrote and wrote. In those six weeks I spun a fairy tale romance between a sexy superstar and an ordinary gal, which became Kissing under the Spotlight.

I have to confess I’ve always had a soft spot for handsome crooners, think Hugh Jackman, Michael Bublé, Harry Connick, Jr., and Michael Feinstein. Smooth looks, smooth voice, smooth moves. Sigh!

MB in concert

So when I needed inspiration for my fairy tale romance I looked no further than my collection of CDs. Ta-da, meet Alex Jackson. He can sing, tap dance upside down, perform, and has millions of adoring fans.

Kissing under the Spotlight is the first in a four series, although each can be read as a standalone.


How I was inspired to write Falling for Mr Wrong – 

In July 2014 I was selected to attend a dynamic women’s conference in Israel. I arrived early and spent 3 days exploring Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Although the conference was based in Jerusalem, time was spent in of Tiberias and Tsfat.

Selfie in Jerusalem
Selfie in Jerusalem

I heard inspirational talks, met interesting people and had the opportunity to immerse myself in the country’s history and culture.

After 12 incredible days, I returned to Melbourne, opened my laptop and wrote Falling for Mr Wrong. The words flowed as I poured all the amazing experiences I had just enjoyed into Tilly and Nate’s story.


I’ve loved the feedback I’ve received where readers have not only enjoyed the romance, but also the setting.

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go on the conference.

I saw this video recently (1 min long) and had to share it as my heroine Tilly swims in both the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. It’s ironic that in Falling for Mr Wrong Tilly swam in the Dead Sea at the beginning of the book and the Galilee at the end. Relating this video to my book, look at the amazing changes love can make? 🙂