Falling for Mr Wrong – Book 2 in the Desert Seduction series

When everybody’s hiding secrets, can love discover the truth?

“…..The turn this author took with the story was not the one I expected, it was better. So much better! There’s adventure, compromises, soul searching, forgiveness, and almost coming of age for these two. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this book but it was so much more than what I expected.” Heather’s Reviews.

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All Tilly Walker wanted was a bit of independence from her overprotective family and small town life in Australia. But her first job in London turns into an accidental disaster when her employer—a Member of Parliament—drags her into a sordid scandal. Hounded by the English press, Tilly hopes to throw them off the scent when she flees to a place they’d never think to look, to her great-aunt in Jerusalem. But the enterprising journalist who follows her is after something bigger than just the latest hot story.

Political blogger Nate Morgan-Young has his own reasons for pursuing the woman the press has dubbed the “Naughty Nanny”. Tilly isn’t the misbehaving MP’s first victim. But when Nate finds himself on the run with Tilly and unexpectedly falling for her, truth and trust are the real victims. How can Nate convince Tilly he’s after more than just another smutty scandal? And for Tilly, why does it feel so right to be falling for Mr. Wrong?

A handsome, mysterious Englishman; a feisty nanny and an exotic setting – what more could you ask for? Joanne Dannon delivers a sexy, emotional story with a relatable heroine and a hero worth falling for.” – Leah Ashton, RITA Award winning author.

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