Kissing like she means it

Kissing like she means it

“What I loved about this book, it was fun, cheeky and kept me up till all hours in the early morning as I couldn’t put it down. I love to read to escape, and this hits the mark! I look forward to the next book in the series, well done Joanne!” Michelle R, Amazon reviewer.

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Book 2 The Kissing Down Under Series (Daisy’s story)

Rule 101 – Friends with benefits should never fall in love

Logan Wentworth needs a temporary fiancée to win a work promotion and who better to ask than his friends-with-benefits partner, Daisy Roberts.

They’ve known each other for years and the hot sex, well, that’s a given.

Pretending to be engaged should be easy, right? Especially with a strict one-week arrangement?

But when the lies escalate and love comes between them, how will these two say good-bye?

KISSING LIKE SHE MEANS IT is the second story in Joanne Dannon’s Kissing Down Under series. If you love romances with sigh-worthy endings, you’ll love this series with real men and women who find love when they least expect it.

“Ms Dannon has outdone herself with this smart and sassy romance.” Charmaine Ross, romance author.

Where to buy – Amazon or Kindle Unlimited customers can read it for free 🙂