Learning in reverse – don’t make my mistakes!

Learning in reverse – don’t make my mistakes!

When I decided to write, I learnt how to write. I joined Romance Writers of Australia, attended their yearly conference, bought and read numerous craft books and wrote…many books. These will never be published as they were part of my “apprenticeship” but I learnt my craft for nine years before my debut novel, Falling for Mr Wrong, was published.

But when I self published it, I just stuck Falling for Mr Wrong on the online book stores. How silly was I? I should’ve spent time learning how to self publish before I did it. I’m talking about newsletters, promotions, advertising etc… All of this can (and in my opinion – should be), learnt BEFORE you self publish.

I never expected to launch 12 books and 4 boxed sets in two years, and now I’m reassessing my branding. My covers are being re-done and I’m also looking at grouping my books together.

The first set is Desert Seduction where I’ve linked Always You and Falling for Mr Wrong. They have the same characters, so now they’re linked by covers and series.

It’s very easy to upload and put a book on the online book stores, but it’s very different to selling and marketing your book to readers. My advice to authors who are considering this publishing option is to ask themselves, if this is a hobby or a business?

If it’s a hobby, then upload your book, smile and enjoy being a published writer! You deserve it, not everyone can write a book, have it edited and published.

But if you want this to be a business, then I recommend you spend time in setting up your social network, learn how to market and promote your book BEFORE you self publish.

Thanks to the authors who have been so supportive to me, and a massive thanks to my readers who buy and read my books. I feel very privileged to be working in a job that I love.

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