Redeemable heroines


When people meet me for the first time, they inevitably ask where I get my ideas from. So I thought I’d share snippets and ideas from some of my books.

I’ve randomly chosen Always You to talk about 😃 

A couple of years ago, I was in an anthology where a number of us romance authors were raising money to help premmie babies. We donated our royalties to March of Dimes, a US based charity that helps and supports families with premature babies. 

So I had to write a story, and had no idea where to start. I loved Falling for Mr Wrong so much, and decided to write a connected story. But then I realised it would be about Bea (the hero’s sister) and she was *gasp* a naughty girl. Could I make her redeemable?

The bad boy trope is super popular – both in books and screen. Think Danny in Grease, Bender in the Breakfast Club, Dylan in 90210, Rhett in Gone with the Wind, Lucifer from Lucifer, plus pretty much most rockers, and lots of sports stars. They’re all “bad boys”.

But does it work in reverse?

Do we like bad-girls? That was what I was “forced” to write in Always You. Because Falling for Mr Wrong was already published, I had to work with what was already written. Bea is selfish, naughty, confident, but has dabbled in excessive drinking and drugs. She may be loyal to her family but she’s made a mess of her life.

Did she deserve Ash, the handsome hero who was successful, charming, with a loving family?

That was the challenge.

Writing Always You meant I got to re-visit Israel and include some places I had visited – an oasis in the desert. Yes, they exist, and are truly beautiful. 

And this is what Bea and Ash saw after climbing Masada in the morning – the sunrise!!!! So beautiful!

Readers have enjoyed this novella, and the naughty Bea 😃 and I think she deserves her HEA. What do you think?

If there’s a book of mine, you’d like to know more about, let me know.

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