The stories behind the stories

The stories behind the stories

I love reading! I also love finding out the inspiration that led to the story. It could be a snippet, a newspaper article or an over-heard conversation.

For book club this month we read two wonderful books – Outback Blaze by Rachael Johns and The Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey.

I really enjoyed both books but especially liked learning the tid-bits on why the authors wrote about what they did.

Rachael’s inspiration for Outback Blaze was watching, in horror, as the local supermarket, her husband managed, burnt to the ground due to an electrical fault.
Ella’s inspiration for The Paris Time Capsule was this amazing discovery.

So, are you interested in the story behind the story?

7 Replies to “The stories behind the stories”

  1. Me too, I love to know how a story starts! The house in Paris, locked up for seventy years is quite something and I think its great that Rachael Johns was able to use her own tragic experience. I must read both of them I think!

    1. Both books are wonderful reads and you will enjoy them 🙂

      I found the locked Paris apartment fascinating and can see why Ella Carey would want to write about it. It made me itch to write about it too!

      You’ll be promoting your book soon – yippee! so think about the inspiration behind your books when blog hoping 🙂

  2. I always find it interesting to know where a writer got their inspiration from for a story. I know as a writer myself that inspiration can come from anywhere. When I write down my idea for a story I like to leave myself a little note saying where the inspiration came from in case I don’t get to that story for a while and forget.

    1. Thanks Rochelle, looks like we think the same!

      I love how you note the inspiration, behind the story, at the time of jotting down the idea – brilliant! Hope you don’t mind I copy your idea 🙂

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