I’m back

I’m back

I’ve been away from my blog and my writing but I’m happy to say I’m back.

Why? Good question! I was lucky to travel overseas and before I had time to recover from my jet-lag I was in Sydney for the annual Romance Writers’ of Australia conference.

These two events have inspired my creative side and I’m itching to write as much as I can.

The conference was brilliant and many of my fellow writers have written wonderful blogs about it. My highlights were –

  • Having an outfit to wear at the Leather and Lace conference. I forgot my dress in Melbourne and my wonderful hubby couriered it to Sydney 🙂
  • Meeting and hearing James Scott Bell talk. He happily signed my craft book on Conflict and Suspense.
  • Listening to the gorgeous Cherry Adair talk about plotting and characterisation as well as imparting lots of helpful advice.
  • Meeting Miranda Lee and Emma Darcy was not just a highlight of the conference but of my career, since they inspired me to write romance. I’m very privileged to have not only met them but had time to chat.
  • As always, the conferences are a bonus to meet fellow writers and also catch up with my CPs and friends.
  • All dressed up for the Leather and Lace party
    2014-08-09 19.22.45
    Wow – with the amazing Miranda Lee and Emma Darcy!
    With my talented CP and friend, Michelle Somers
    With my talented CP and friend, Michelle Somers

    With the lovely Cherry Adair
    With the lovely Cherry Adair

6 Replies to “I’m back”

  1. Lovely pics, Joanne.
    It was lovely catching up with you, too.
    What a wonderful conference it was! So many highlights 🙂
    Great to have you back safe and sound in Aus.

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time at the conference. Really enjoyed the photos!

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