Talking about characterisation

Talking about characterisation


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I just love talking about writing and was delighted to be invited to talk to Grade 2A on their writing. The children have been working hard on their stories and their teacher thought it would be good for me to talk to them about their characters.

We started chatting about The Wizard of Oz – perfect for eight year olds when looking at interesting characters. A lion who’s scared. A Tin man who doesn’t have a heart. A Scarecrow who wants a brain. Perfect!

We then talked about their stories which were all fantastic. With a bit of brainstorming the class came up with some ideas on creating engaging characters – a dog who is a scientist in disguise, a princess who doesn’t like pink and rides skateboards, a dog who talks – brilliant!

I loved their ideas and enthusiasm. This is a class with budding writers. 

Thanks 2A for inviting me to your classroom to talk 🙂

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    1. Thanks Rachael – it was a wonderful experience and to top it off, I received my first “fan” mail. One child emailed me to tell me how much he enjoyed the class – awwwww!!!!!

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