Receiving my first reader feedback

Receiving my first reader feedback

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My manuscript has been finalised, edited and polished and the final hurdle was having a couple of betas read it. I asked two friends who are avid romance readers who I could trust and rely on to provide honest feedback.

After a nervous wait of a few days, I was delighted they both loved it.  One friend wrote, “I loved it, it’s so well written you should be proud. Thank you for letting me read your baby.”

I love writing the stories in my head and am thrilled a reader liked it. For me, one of the best rewards of being a writer is someone liking what I write. So thanks to my lovely betas who read and enjoyed my books, you’ve both made this romance writer very, very happy 🙂


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  1. Congratulations Joanne, you and I must be on similar writing times at the moment, I’ve just finished my fourth MS. By the end of the weekend I’ll hope to have it in my beta readers’ hands. I’m so glad yours enjoyed your book – it is the very best feeling!

    1. Well done on completing your 4th ms – fantastic work!!!! Hope your betas enjoy your writing, am sure they will 🙂 Keep me posted!

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