Confessions of a romance writer – Write What You Love

Confessions of a romance writer – Write What You Love

Life has been crazy busy with the launch of my first book, Falling for Mr Wrong. It’s been a joy to see it available in digital stores, but most important has been the positive reader feedback I have received.

Reading the positive reviews has been a highlight of my publishing journey especially as I’m self published and on my own. Unlike being published traditionally/with a major publisher, I have to do everything!!!


My “confessions” blog posts will go through the ins and outs of being a newbie self published, romance author, and this is my first post 🙂

One of the benefits of being self published means I can write what I like, but it’s also a downside.

With my next book, the hero is devastatingly handsome, can dance like Adam Garcia and sing/perform like Michael Bublé.

Image from
My clean, cut, crooner hero! (pic from

Sure he’s hot but currently, the trend is for heroes who are bad-boy rockers with tattoos, not clean cut crooners.

The gorgeous, Mills and Boon author, extraordinaire, Melanie Milburne advised me not to write such a hero and …..she was right. But I still wrote him any way. Why? Because I wrote what I love.

My preference is for the hunk above rather than the bad-boy with a sleeve of tatts. If I pretended to like something, it would come across in my writing and I would disappoint my readers. I made the hard decision to go with my heart rather than what’s commercially popular and hope my readers love my hero as much as I do.

My advice to new writers, if you force yourself to write something because you think it will sell better, think again. If you don’t love what you write, why would your readers?

PS – Want to see how my hero dances? Check out the talented Adam Garcia 🙂 you can forward up to the 1 min 50 sec mark if you want to skip the back up dancers dancing. Happy watching and …’re welcome 😛

Adam Garcia (pic taken from here –

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