Top tips on being a successful writer

Top tips on being a successful writer

I was going to blog about areas I’ve found to be helpful for self-published and hybrid writers.

Then this article, on Written Word Media, came along and it’s so good that I’m sharing it instead of writing something myself.

Top tips on being a successful writer – 

  1. Becoming an author takes dedication. 
    Success only comes after you’ve written and published a decent number of books. The more hours you spend writing, the sooner you’ll get there.
  2. Trust the professionals. 
    Hiring a cover designer and an editor to help you create the final published product is highly recommended.
  3. Pay attention to pricing strategies. 
    Offering your book for free for a limited time is a great way to gain the highest quantity of new readers. If you’re writing a series, the permafree strategy works for the first book, and you’re likely to make more money offering one book in the series for free, than you would if you charged for all of them.
  4. Genre matters. 
    Some are more popular than others; know where your genre stands on the list.  If you’re writing for a niche audience, know that niche often means “small” which makes it more difficult to make a lot of money from your writing.


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