Learning from Bella Andre – 10 top tips!

Learning from Bella Andre – 10 top tips!

We were so fortunate to have Bella Andre come to Auckland for the Romance Writers conference of New Zealand. Her talks were inspiring, and she was so gracious in sharing her knowledge.

Here are 10 top tips, from her –

  1. Stick to writing and don’t get distracted with what’s going on around me
  2. Don’t chase trends
  3. Don’t work backwards
  4. Everything I do should be with a long term vision of my writing career
  5. As self-publishing authors we wear 3 hats – writing hat, publisher hat and a marketing/advertising hat. This a good reminder that my publishing house, Clarendon 3 Publishing, should be selling and promoting its best selling author (me!!!)
  6. As a self-published author you do need to be comfortable in being a promoter and a writer
  7. It’s good to expand your market in print, audio, translations etc..
  8. Have a regular release schedule but don’t launch 1 book/month as it can lead to “burn-out”
  9. You have to ensure the “package” is awesome – not just the book but the blurb, the cover etc..
  10. And as she said many times, “It’s all about the book”, we need to keep writing.


2 Replies to “Learning from Bella Andre – 10 top tips!”

    1. Hi CL – I would say that Bella wants us to develop and work to a framework of going forward in your career.

      There is no use in looking backwards. It’s fine to see areas that you can improve on, but your focus should be moving forward 🙂 Hope that helps 🙂

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