Kissing Down Under series


If you’ve listened to me chatting on podcasts and interviews, about my life as an author, I often talk about my mistakes. Not because I want to dwell on them but rather I want to share my experiences so other authors can learn from me.

When I started writing, I didn’t think about my branding and marketing. I was too overwhelmed with everything else I had to do, like creating and maintaining a website, finding readers, being active on social media and also…writing!

I wrote four standalone but connected books and made them in to a series. I still love the books but the branding wasn’t quite right. So I’ve gone back and thanks to my awesome artist, we’ve redone my covers as well as creating new titles for the books.

I love the new look and hope you do too! Ta da! It’s the Kissing Down Under series!

Kissing Down Under series

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