Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas movie



This independent movie was showing at a local theatre, and I’m so glad I went to see it. A documentary on the composers who wrote Christmas songs? I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was brilliant.

This one hour movie, by Larry Weinstein, predominantly set in a Chinese restaurant, was one of the most entertaining and heartwarming movies I’ve seen recently. He cleverly combined his family background of dining at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas, with plenty of fabulous Christmas songs, dance and insights in to the talented men and women who wrote these songs.

The cinema was packed and all chuckled along to the interviewees, who were predominately comedians, and enjoyed songs by some very talented performers.

As this is an independent movie, you may not get a chance to see it at the mainstream cinemas, but if you see it advertised and you love Christmas songs, then go and see it. You’ll love it.

PS – I’m writing this as I listen to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album (and he’s singing many songs from the movie). And you all know how much I love him 😀



PPS – here’s the trailer for the movie


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