Love Kissed Cookbook

Love Kissed Cookbook


Love Kissed Cooking

Check out my easey-peasey felafel salad with tehina and date honey dressing, inspired from Falling for Mr Wrong. And my quinoa salad, featured in Together At Last!!! For $0.99 and the proceeds going to the Salvation Army, this is one cookbook you’ll love 🙂 happy cooking, Joanne x

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About Love Kissed Cooking…

Romance and food go together. The connection is undeniable

Enjoy these recipes from some of your favorite romance authors, taken from pages of their romance novels.

Savor the flavors and spice up your life.

Best of all, know your purchase is benefitting families in need. We’ve selected the Salvation Army as our charity of choice to receive the profits from this collection.

Thank you for helping others. Now go try some of these delightful dishes or delicious desserts.

Our tip: make them with love.