Want You

Want You

Can an ordinary girl deal with an actor’s superstar life? 

Hollywood megastar Sam Balfer returns to Australia to promote his new blockbuster hit.  But encountering Paige Dalton, a blast from his past, changes everything.

When Paige ends up on Sam’s arm for a red-carpet event, it’s a walk that she never imagined. She’s hidden her feelings for him since the days she tutored him in math and science. They were just friends–despite how much she wished their chemistry was off the charts. 
But Paige is just the quirky little nerd, the ugly duckling next to her younger and glamorous sisters.  However, Sam is suddenly beginning to see her as so much more.
And so is the entire world–now that the tabloids blasted their kiss all over everything.  Paige and Sam must confront their true feelings for one another with every set of eyes on them.  But with an ocean separating them and the press broadcasting their every move, Paige is in over her head.  She may have gotten the guy, but her guy is a star.

But can this ordinary girl deal with this actor’s superstar life? 

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