Bidding on Love

Bidding on Love

❤️ Heat level – sexy ❤️

“Bidding on Love is such an adorable story. I thought the pace was perfect! Even though I felt connected to both Lily and Diego, I absolutely loved Diego as a character. His mannerisms and personality were written so well! D.C., Amazon reviewer. 

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When love complicates a fling

Lily Taylor is launching her career as a jazz singer through a celebrity auction at a gala event. The problem is, no one is bidding except Diego Sanchez, the sexy Argentinian she had a one- night stand with one month ago.

She’s been raising her twin brothers for the past nine years after their parents were tragically killed. Now that they’re adults, Lily’s determined to be independent and carve out a new life for herself. The last thing she wants is to settle down.

Diego Sanchez has successfully launched a brand of hip wine bars across Melbourne. With his career goals met, he’s looking for a woman who shares his values on family, home, and culture. Not only is Lily not interested, but she doesn’t meet his preconceived notions of a “perfect wife”.

A burning attraction between them, Lily and Diego agree on an affair but the clincher is, it has an end-date. But when love complicates their fling, are they willing to make changes or will they each hold steadfast to their entrenched beliefs and goals?

“From a hot, hot one night stand to always-and-forever, Joanne delivers on her promise of a sigh-worthy ending. An engaging, fun, and sexy read.” Lexi Greene, romance writer.

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