Forever Mine

Forever Mine


She’s in love with her brother’s best friend. He just wants to protect her from his toxic family.

Ivy Carson has been in love with Leo Haller for as long as she can remember. And at times, she wonders if he feels the same way. But he’s always kept her at arm’s length—after all, he’s her brother’s best friend, and she knows he wouldn’t want to jeopardize the friendship.

Leo has nursed a secret crush on his best friend’s sister for years, but he would never consider acting on his affection. His family is toxic—he doesn’t want her getting tangled up in that mess. She deserves better than him.

After years of loving Leo from afar, Ivy comes up with a scheme to bring them together at last. She’ll invite him to a friend’s wedding as her plus one.

Leo agrees reluctantly. He’s just doing a favor for a friend, after all—what could go wrong?

But when the day comes, neither Ivy nor Leo are prepared for the simmering undercurrent of attraction that flares between them. It’s too late to turn back. Can Leo risk everything for the woman he can no longer resist?

If you love BWWM and friends-to-lovers romance, you’ll love this sparkling read by Joanne Dannon, USA Today Bestselling Author.

“I loved this outstanding story. I loved how Ivy did what was right for her and didn’t let others change her mind. Leo would do anything for Ivy, loved his support group. I enjoyed all the drama, passion, surprises and twists. Couldn’t put this book down.”
 Loreli, Goodreads

“This story was super sexy and romantic, with the addition of true love, great friendships and a strength that we all need in life to succeed.”
 Korkoi, Goodreads

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