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Coming soon!

The Christmas Pact

Gabe doesn’t date virgins. Especially not gorgeous ones who dream of happily-ever-afters. But desperate times call for desperate measures…

Right before his company’s annual Christmas weekend getaway, Gabe finds his girlfriend in bed with two men. If he wants the promotion he’s been working so hard for, he can’t let this scandal ruin the getaway. 

Thankfully, his girlfriend has a twin sister. 

Dakota is everything her sister is not. Smart, funny, and innocent, she still believes in true love. Exactly the sort of woman Gabe avoids. But she’s willing to pose as Gabe’s girlfriend for the weekend in exchange for his help starting her own business. 

Their Christmas Pact is nothing but a business arrangement…right?

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Love romance? Love dogs? Then you’ll love this sweet sexy romance. Available mid-late 2021



Kissing Under the Spotlight – in Portuguese, thanks to Leabhar Books, Brazil

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