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Coming soon!



Available in mid 2020. Love romance? Love dogs? Then you’ll love this sweet sexy romance. 

Meet Poppy, the heroine in Meet You – 

Poppy felt her heart squeeze. Yep, she was the reliable sister. At twenty-nine, she was the least likely to marry and would probably be the spinster aunt, living with a house full of foster dogs. Two of her sisters had married handsome men who adored them. And the guy she had a thing for was not interested in her. She needed to earn enough money from her business so she could buy a house she could retire in alone with her four-legged friends.

She felt lost in a sea of family happiness. Sure, she was happy for her sisters, she loved them so much. But she needed to find her own goals and objectives. At almost thirty, she wondered if she could ever find someone to love her, quirks and all.

The only person she’d thought could be the one was Harry. And he’d rejected her.

He was living in Hong Kong, and she only saw the few pictures he posted on social media.

He rarely smiled in them, always looking so serious.

He was probably right. He wasn’t the man for her. He was consumed with bitterness and anger after his wife’s betrayal. Did she really want that?

Or did she want what Paige and Phoebe had found? Kind, generous guys who were family oriented and loved life.

With a heavy heart, she knew the answer. 

Harry was not the man for her.