Christmas Kiss in London

Christmas Kiss in London


Can an online friendship lead to real life romance?

Available 1 November 2018 on Amazon (in the Romancing the Holidays set) for 99c or Kindle Unlimited readers can read for free.

Every day, Amber Webb, a counsellor in an In Vitro Fertilization clinic, helps couples seeking parenthood. With her own biological clock ticking louder, maybe it’s time she started thinking about having babies of her own. The flirtatious guy she accidentally friends on social media could be perfect, if only he weren’t younger than her, a party-guy surrounded by beautiful women, and living halfway around the world.

Stuntman Darcy Harris may be based in London, but his work on blockbuster movies can have him away from home for months at a time. That doesn’t leave time for anything other than casual hookups. But the long-distance nature of his online friendship with an Australian beauty allows deep personal revelations they might not share in person.

When they finally meet, can their online friendship stand up to in-person reality? She lives in Melbourne and he lives in London. He’s younger and has a booming career ahead of him.   She wants to settle down and start a family. But can friendship turn to forever love when they share a snowy Christmas kiss in London?