Christmas Kiss: But Only for the Holidays

Christmas Kiss: But Only for the Holidays

Launching November 2019


CEO Leo Turner: handsome, intelligent, all-around nice guy, recently single, and needs a plan.

Christmas is just around the corner and the residents of Mono Melbourne retirement home are already conspiring to set him up with one of their granddaughters. What better way to make it through all those Christmas functions than to have a fake girlfriend? And who better to play the part than a woman he’d never fall for, Jenna Williamson.

Super model Jenna is stunning, sparkling, selfish and not interested in settling down—the perfect candidate for a one-month assignment.

Everything is planned perfectly…or so he thinks.

But when Christmas kisses get heated, Leo realises not everything in his life can be meticulously organised.

Can a dash of Christmas magic make this “arrangement” permanent?