New York Romance 2

New York Romance 2

FOUR linked holiday reads from multi-published authors, Joanne Dannon and Charmaine Ross. Falling in love with these heart-warming reads, perfect romance reading for the holidays or any time.

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A Magical Chanukah in New York

When falling in love isn’t as easy as falling in love.

Lisa Sassoon has shunned the scandal of her loser ex-boyfriend cheating on her by escaping to New York. Instead of sightseeing, she’s become a recluse focussing on helping the less fortunate at a homeless shelter.

Gabe Olivari, entrepreneur and savvy business New Yorker, can’t let go of the pain of losing his best friend. So caught up in his own grief and believing he doesn’t deserve to be happy, he compensates by pushing everyone close to him away.

But when Lisa and Gabe meet, there is an instant connection that forces them to question not only their behaviours but their aspirations.

Can a dash of Chanukah magic help Lisa and Gabe realise that sparkling dates and dreamy kisses can lead to more? Perhaps even a lifetime of happiness?

Another Magical Chanukah in New York

The Festival of Lights will light their way to love.

For wealthy Australian philanthropist Ben Sassoon, joy comes from feeding others, especially those in need. But his own hunger for love can never be satisfied, thanks to a woman who refused to marry him. In New York for his cousin’s wedding, it’s going to be impossible to avoid the girl who ran away from Australia all those years ago, taking Ben’s heart with her.

Hard-nosed attorney Kate Silver had loved Ben in school, but that had just been puppy love, right? Kate had grown up envious of Ben’s happy family, so different from her own. She’d moved to New York, determined to create her own life, even though it meant leaving her youthful love behind.

For Ben, the pain and anger of the long-ago heartbreak are still fresh. Kate never meant to hurt him, but Ben was part of the past she’d needed to escape. But the magic of Chanukah brings a renewal of Kate’s faith and pride in her heritage. Can it also bring a renewal of the love she once shared with Ben?

Christmas in New York

A light-hearted and emotional novel about family, friendship and coming to terms with your past. 

Andrew started falling in love with Charlotte, his beautiful, strictly hands-off client, from the moment he first saw her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Does she?

Having made an unforgivable mistake to her parents, Charlotte has one single objective, ‘Get home for Christmas. Make amends.’ A mantra she constantly finds herself chanting when her attraction to sex-on-a-stick Andrew becomes too overpowering to try and avoid any longer.

Charlotte’s boss has been piling on the workload, making it harder and harder to get back home to Melbourne, not to mention all the extra meetings/dates with Andrew she’s had to make to get the job done. 

Charlotte finds Andrew incredibly attractive, fierce, smart, passionate and… totally off-limits.

But between completely stupid deadlines and extra meetings, passion simmers. With redemption at stake, Charlotte must choose between her parents or once-in-a-lifetime love.

Another Christmas in New York

David has promised himself never to let a woman close. After the sort of childhood he had, he knows nothing about love. A wife would only lead to a life of heartache and disaster. Just like his father. And that attitude has worked just fine for him.

Until he comes face to face with live-wire chef, Marlowe.

Marlowe has a way with food. And a way of burrowing past his defenses and right into his heart. Before he knows it, he’s stopped trying to protect his heart, and has done the worst thing he can think of – started to care.

He wasn’t prepared for that. Nor was he prepared to fall in love. But he’s run out, leaving Marlowe in an embarrassing situation and out of his life. Can he get past his own defenses and tell Marlowe he loves her? 

Can he risk his past to have a future?