An Unexpected Forever

An Unexpected Forever

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A world of differences, an unexpected forever.

Belly dancing, and black belt karate teacher, Marnie Stern has loved her time in Hong Kong, but now she’s ready to return home to Australia and begin the search for what she’s always dreamed of: a home, a husband, and a large family. But then she meets Daniel Tam. For an Observant Jewish woman like Marnie, the only purpose to dating is to find a suitable husband. Which is why she can never be more than casual friends with Daniel, despite how much he makes her smile and that his good looks makes her heart pound and her pulse race.


Work has always been the focus of contract lawyer Daniel Tam’s life. When Marnie erupts in his life like a whirlwind, Daniel’s charmed by her humour and her zest for life. He’s heading to London soon for a lucrative job offer, but in spite of giving her his heart, Marnie can’t follow him there. Because of her upbringing, they can’t date and they can’t live together. Their differences leave them worlds—and soon to be oceans—apart. With such a gulf between them, can they find a way to bridge it together and seize their unexpected forever?

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