Did you know that I write both sweet, and sexy books?

💜  Sweet – my sweet reads are generally my holiday romances which focuses on the emotional journey of the hero and heroine. There are usually no bedroom scenes but if there is, it is closed doors (you, as the reader do not “see” these scenes)

💜  Sexy – my sexy reads have a heat level of 3 out of 5. There will be a couple of love making scenes, the bedroom door is open (meaning, you read the scene) but the journey of the hero and heroine is emotional not sexual.

I’ve noted the heat level against each of my books to help you know if the read is sweet or sexy.

Book reading order

💙 Finding Love series

  1. Want You – available now!
  2. Marry You – available now!
  3. Meet You – available mid-late 2021
  4. Need You – available 2022

Take me to the Finding Love series page, so I can find out more!

💙 Kissing Down Under series

  1. Kissing under the Spotlight
  2. Kissing like she means it
  3. Kissing her brother’s best friend
  4. Kissing him at last

Take me to the Kissing Down Under series page, so I can find out more!

💙 Bachelor Down Under

  1. Falling for the Best Man
  2. Falling for Miss Write
  3. Name TBA

Take me to the Bachelor Down Under series page, so I can find out more!

💙 Christmas Kiss

  1. Christmas Kiss, New Year’s Wish
  2. Christmas Kiss, in London
  3. Christmas Kiss: But Only for the Holidays

Take me to the Christmas Kiss series page, so I can find out more.

💙 Holiday romances

  1. Dreaming of Christmas (5 romances)
  2. Dreaming of Hanukah (3 romances)

I love holiday romances, take me to the holiday page so I can find out more.

💙 Standalone romances

Let me check out your standalone romances, take me there.