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The Alex Jackson series – available June 2017

Would you take the chance if it meant forever?

Get the four novels in one perfect box set for a bargain price

  1. Kisses under the Spotlight – Can a superstar singer croon his way into the heart of an ordinary girl, or will the white hot spotlight be too much for love to survive?
  2. Wanting Mr Right – His friends-with-benefits fiancée is a fraud. But can a fake fiancée turn into the genuine thing?
  3. Together At Last – Her body and her heart are both broken. Can love heal them?
  4. Forever Mine – He thought she was off limits, but after a sizzling weekend, can he make her his forever?


Always You – a prequel to Falling for Mr Wrong – available in May 2017

Bea Morgan-Young always had excuses for her outrageous behaviour. In spite of Bea’s supportive brother and loving foster family, trouble just kept finding her. Even when Nigel Ashworth—Ash to his friends—had defended her, she’d only lashed out at him. When she runs into him ten years later, she’s settled down a bit, but still loves being the scandalous party girl, clubbing, and being the center of attention. Though they’ve fallen in love, even his marriage proposal isn’t enough to make her compromise and move to Israel for Ash’s lucrative new job. Then one empowering weekend changes everything for Bea. Ash may be gone, but Bea’s determined to win him back.

Ash is a master at solving problems for the hotels he works for, but he’s never solved the problem of Bea, the reckless wild-child he’d fallen for. Now she’s back a year later, swearing she’s changed. Has the uncompromising party girl really grown up at last? Or is it just another lie when she tells him she wants a second chance at love?